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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase a new Vitamin D Light Box, a Tanning Lamp or a Psoriasis Sunlamp from us, you will get our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This means that you have 2 whole months to use your light and if you decide, for any reason, that you would like to return or exchange it, you can.

If you decide that you would like to take advantage of this guarantee, you simply have to contact our office. We will email you a Return Form for you to fill out and include in the package with your light. Once we receive the unit back, we will process the full refund for the purchase price of the unit. It’s that easy!

With this 60 Day Guarantee, there is no reason to at least give light boxes a try!

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Vitamin D Rich Foods

Along with the use of the Sperti Vitamin D Light Box, eating vitamin rich foods is a wonderful way to raise your vitamin D levels and stay healthy. Here is a list of some of the best vitamin D rich foods:

  • egg yolks
  • salmon
  • cod liver oil
  • milk
  • some breakfast cereals
  • cheese
  • yogurt
  • tuna
  • liver
  • tofu
  • mushrooms
  • caviar
  • sardines
  • oysters
  • orange juice
  • oatmeal

It is very important to stick to a healthy diet when you are trying to boost your vitamin D levels!

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Why Supplements Are Not Always Efficient

When it comes to our body’s need for vitamins, many people put their trust in supplements in order to boost their vitamin levels. While supplements can be helpful for some people, not every one can get the necessary boost in levels with supplements alone. Since everyone’s body absorbs and digests nutrients differently, you may end up only obtaining a small amount of the nutrients that are promised with supplements.

As we have learned from the sun, the best way to get your vitamin D is through the skin. Being outside for just a few minutes a day can have a huge impact on your vitamin D levels. For someone that does not get the chance to spend the necessary amount of time outdoors, The Sperti Vitamin D Lamp is the perfect solution. The UVB bulbs are specially made just for this light in order to help you easily boost your vitamin D levels. With only 5 minutes a day, 4 times a week, you can boost your vitamin D levels in just a couple months!

Disclaimer: For someone with a darker skin tone, your skin tends to not absorb vitamins as quickly, so it might take a little longer to get your vitamin D to the desired levels. Also, the older we get the harder it is for our body to obtain the vitamins it needs. Therefore, an elderly person might also need to use the lamp for a little longer to get the necessary levels.

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Vitamin D Lamp – Insurance Coverage

Many people wonder if their insurance company will cover the cost of a Sperti Vitamin D Lamp. The simple answer is: sometimes. It all depends on your specific insurance plan.

As an online distributor, we do not work directly with any insurance companies. To find out if the cost is covered, we recommend calling your insurance company directly and giving them the DME code as well as the billing code and they will be able to let you know if the full cost or partial cost is covered by your specific plan.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) code: E0200

Vitamin D Deficiency Billing Code: 268.9

If your insurance company is going to cover the cost of a new Vitamin D Lamp, you will purchase the unit directly from us and then go through insurance for reimbursement.

In order to get reimbursement, there are 2 documents you will need to send your insurance company:

  1. The sales receipt from your light box order (gets emailed to you at time of purchase)
  2. A prescription from your doctor
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Bulb Ignition

When you first receive a Sperti Vitamin D Lamp or a Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp, the bulbs may need to be ‘re-ignited’. During the shipping process, the filament in the bulbs can settle which can cause the lights to flicker and/or not completely turn on. If this happens, it is really easy to fix. If your light is not turning on right away, there are a few things you’ll want to check before reigniting the bulbs:

  1. Check to be sure the tubes have not become “dislodged”. If so, please reinstall the tubes.
  2. Check plug for a snug fit into the appliance – thoroughly inserted into the unit.
  3. Confirm electric outlet is energized.

Once you know the unit is plugged in correctly and the bulbs are fully installed, if it is still not turning on you will need to ignite the bulbs. It is a very quick process with these easy steps:

  1. Set timer to the maximum time.
  2. Click on/off switch to the on position, wait 2-3 seconds and then click the switch to the off position.
  3. Wait another 2-3 seconds and then turn the switch back to on.
  4. Repeat this process until you have turned the unit on and off 10-15 times.

The unit may completely turn on after only 3-4 cycles but you will want to complete the process and repeat steps 1-3 the full 10 times. Cycling the tubes with the on/off process allows any debris on the tube filaments to be cleared. Once you complete this process, your light is ready to use!

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High Pressure vs. Low Pressure Tanning Units

When searching for a tanning unit (at home or professional use) it is important to find one that has a good balance of UVA and UVB – those are the low pressure units. High pressure units have much greater amounts of UVA and only small amounts of UVB. While UVA is what causes the skin to bronze, it can also be harmful if the dose is too high. Using a light that has high amounts of UVA does not mean that it will automatically cause damage to your skin/body, it is with continued use over long periods of time that it becomes dangerous. Tanning units need to have more UVA than UVB in order to actually cause the skin to tan, but those levels need to be closely monitored in order to not cause damage.


Low Pressure Units have a good balance of UVA and UVB: 75% UVA and 25% UVB.

High Pressure Units have much higher amounts of UVA: 95% UVA and 5% UVB.

In order to keep your body healthy while tanning, make sure stick with low pressure tanning units.

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Many people assume that spending any amount of time in the sun is going to cause skin damage and/or cancer, while that is simply not the case. Depending on your climate, you may have to spend hours in the sun, every day for weeks, with no protection in order for any damage to be done. While it is possible for the sun to cause damage, it is extremely important to spend a few minutes in the sun every day in order to keep your body happy and healthy. The sun is used for both health and cosmetic purposes and each of those can be attributed to different types of ultraviolet rays.

UVA – These rays are what cause your skin to tan and become darker. This is also what can cause wrinkles or melanomas.

UVB – These are the rays that get absorbed through the skin to cause our body to process and absorb Vitamin D. They are also what causes redness of the skin and non-melanoma cancers.

While skin cancer is caused by being out in the sun, it takes vast amounts of unprotected exposure for this to happen. When using something like a Tanning Lamp or a Vitamin D Light Box, it is very important to wear your protective eyewear and stick to the given schedule – when doing this, you will be perfectly safe to use the unit without risk of damage.

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Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is very important when it comes to keeping your body happy and healthy. When you have a deficiency, it simply means that your body is not receiving and/or absorbing enough Vitamin D to stay within the recommended levels. Vitamin D is essential for having strong bones because it helps your body absorb calcium more efficiently.

When you are low in Vitamin D, there are many different effects it can have on your body. These symptoms include: increased risk of cardiovascular disease, severe asthma, frail bones and even cancer. It is a common misconception that spending some time in the sun is going to give you skin cancer, but did you know that hiding from the sun can cause cancer too? Spending hours upon hours in the sun without anything to protect your skin is what puts you at risk, but being outside for about 10 minutes a day is not only okay, it’s healthy and necessary for your body’s health!

Vitamin D deficiency can be caused by many different factors, which include but are not limited to: not consuming enough Vitamin D rich foods, not exposing yourself to sunlight enough and your body not being able to absorb the vitamins at an adequate rate. Absorbing Vitamin D through the skin is the most efficient way to boost your levels because when you ingest vitamins, your body might not be able to process them effectively.

Ultimately, it is very important to get out and enjoy some time in the sun because it is crucial to living a long and healthy life.

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Who’s At Risk For Vitamin D Deficiency?

Anyone can develop a Vitamin D deficiency; it is actually very common. While it is very treatable, it is still something that you want to avoid.

Some people are more at risk for having a Vitamin D deficiency than others. People that are more at risk are:

  • The elderly and women – the older we get, the quicker we lose bone density. With weaker bones, we need more Vitamin D to help our bodies attain calcium. When we lose bone density, we are more at risk for serious injuries that can lead to death. Women are more effected than men due to an increased rate of bone density loss after menopause.
  • Dark skin tone – with a darker skin tone, your skin is more resistant to the sun. People with dark skin don’t usually get sunburns, which is great, but that also means that your skin is not absorbing UVB (which are the rays that give us Vitamin D) as well as someone with lighter skin.
  • Family history of deficiency – if your body doesn’t process and/or absorb Vitamin D well, it could be genetic. If someone in your family has dealt with Vitamin D deficiency in the past, you are more likely develop it too.
  • Kidney problems – the kidneys play a big role in processing activated Vitamin D for your body to absorb. If your organs are weakened, they might not be able to deliver the appropriate amounts of vitamins that your body needs.
  • Obese – when someone is overweight, fat cells start to extract Vitamin D from the blood which hinders it’s absorption into your body.
  • Staying indoors – the sun plays a very important role when it comes to keeping our bodies happy and healthy. Not only do we get Vitamin D from the sun, but it also helps create a chemical reaction in the brain which gives us energy and boosts our mood. Not going outside can cause depression along with many other health problems.