Many people assume that spending any amount of time in the sun is going to cause skin damage and/or cancer, while that is simply not the case. Depending on your climate, you may have to spend hours in the sun, every day for weeks, with no protection in order for any damage to be done. While it is possible for the sun to cause damage, it is extremely important to spend a few minutes in the sun every day in order to keep your body happy and healthy. The sun is used for both health and cosmetic purposes and each of those can be attributed to different types of ultraviolet rays.

UVA – These rays are what cause your skin to tan and become darker. This is also what can cause wrinkles or melanomas.

UVB – These are the rays that get absorbed through the skin to cause our body to process and absorb Vitamin D. They are also what causes redness of the skin and non-melanoma cancers.

While skin cancer is caused by being out in the sun, it takes vast amounts of unprotected exposure for this to happen. When using something like a Tanning Lamp or a Vitamin D Light Box, it is very important to wear your protective eyewear and stick to the given schedule – when doing this, you will be perfectly safe to use the unit without risk of damage.