When you place an order on Sperti.com, you will not be charged any type of sales tax unless you are located in the same state as our facility – Nevada. Anyone that orders in the other 49 US states will not be charged any type of tax, so the unit’s listed price is all you will pay. If you are in Nevada, the taxes will automatically be added to your order and will be based on the current sales tax rate.

For orders placed outside of the US, there will be duties and taxes that must be paid before receiving your shipment. We offer the option to pay all shipping fees during checkout so that your order can be delivered to you quickly and without any delays. If you choose to pay the duties and taxes when the lamp arrives to you, it may take a little longer to receive it. Since the international fees are still due, they cannot leave the package at your door. If you are not home when the carrier attempts to deliver the package, they will take it back to their facility and you will need to go pick it up. Once you go and pay all of the fees, they will then give you the package(s) containing your order. All of the fees will be the cost same amount whether you pay them at the time of ordering or when the lamp arrives in your country, so it is up to you to decide when you want to pay them.