Not everyone enjoys going to the doctor on a regular basis, but it is necessary in order to insure that your health is at it’s peak. While doctors visits are a must, you don’t necessarily need to go for every little thing. If you think you may be deficient in Vitamin D, you can now test it from the comfort of your own home!

Grassroots Health is working towards solving vitamin D deficiency. They are currently running a program called D*action where they are offering at-home blood tests in order to test your levels without needing to visit a doctor. When you order a testing kit, they will mail you everything you need to complete the test. With a simple prick of the finger, you can get a small blood sample to mail in so that they can test your current levels. View their test kits here:

Per their website: When you order your kit, you will also be participating in the world’s largest vitamin D project to solve the deficiency, D*action. You may choose to enroll for a 1-time test with your health information, or you may even participate in the 5-year project, where you provide your health information along with a vitamin D test every 6 months for the 5-year period. Your participation over the next five years will help build a body of science that will allow for tracking health care outcomes associated with vitamin D levels.