We know that Vitamin D can impact our bones and our overall health but we recently learned that it can also have an impact on the levels of pain we feel. During the D*action Project in 2016, they asked participants to make note of any pain they were in. After the study was completed, they determined that those with higher Vitamin D levels were experiencing less pain.

Participants with Vitamin D levels below 15 ng/ml reported having more pain before the study began. The areas with the highest reported pain were the back and knees. When the project was completed and pain ratings were compared, the study indicated that there was a 16% lower pain rating for those with levels above 75 ng/ml.

16% less pain may not seem like a huge number, but for those battling chronic pain, every little bit can make a difference. It is important to get regular UVB exposure and eat Vitamin D rich foods in order to stay healthy and even lower your levels of pain!