While many people only think about the possible risks of getting too much UV exposure, there are actually many health benefits that come from ultraviolet rays. It is very important to use a UV product that has been cleared with the FDA in order to make sure it is safe and yet still effective for you to use. Most importantly, you must follow the instructions to avoid any irritation of the skin.

UVB rays are very important because they help your body produce vitamin D. It is important to have high levels of vitamin D because it can help give you energy, elevating your mood and even lowers your risk for some cancers! Vitamin D has also been found to help in treating or preventing: the flu, depression, autoimmune disease, heart disease, high blood pressure and even diabetes. While there are some risks, like sunburn or nonmelanoma skin cancer, as long as you expose yourself at safe levels, UVB can make a huge difference in your health!

A benefit for UVA rays is that they are responsible for tanning your skin. However, there are also more dangers with this type of ultraviolet rays, so it is crucial to only expose yourself in moderation. UVA is responsible for causing melanoma skin cancer and also wrinkles. When using UVA rays to tan your skin, it is important to make sure the light has a good balance of UVA/UVB in order to give you the least risk. A lamp that has more than 85% UVA gives you a higher change of experiencing a negative side effect after long periods of exposure. Our Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp uses fluorescent bulbs that give off about 75% UVA and 25% UVB – this means that it may take a week or more to get the desired tan, but it is much safer for your skin.

Overall, UV exposure is essential for living a happy and healthy life. Just make sure to closely follow the directions when using an ultraviolet sunlamp and always wear your protective eyewear.