Depending on your skin tone, sun lamps can have a different effect. For someone with a lighter skin tone, your skin may turn pink after using a sun lamp. This is completely normal as it is just your skin’s reaction to the UV. While someone with a darker skin tone, may not be able to absorb the UV as well. People with darker skin do not absorb UV as quickly so it can take a little longer to raise your vitamin D levels.

When it comes to the Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp, your skin type will determine how long you should use the unit. Someone with fair skin should start off using the light for no more than 3 minutes while someone with darker skin could start using it for about 4 minutes. This may not seem like a big difference but when it comes to UV exposure, every minute counts. Just keep in mind that turning pink is a normal result. It means that your body is reacting to the UVA and the pinkness will gradually turn into the desired tan.

Always remember to read through the instruction manual before you start using a sun lamp and make sure to always wear your protective eyewear.