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Will I Notice A Difference Immediately?

With any of our sun lamps, it may take a little time to notice the full effects of the light.

For the Sperti Vitamin D Light Box – most people will see a 10 point boost in their vitamin D levels in about 17 weeks. Keep in mind that everyone’s body reacts differently to the light; some people may notice higher levels sooner than others. For someone with darker skin, it may take slightly longer to see these desired results.

For the Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp – how quickly you see results completely depends on your skin type and skin tone. Someone with very fare skin will probably see results within a week or two while someone with darker skin may take a few weeks to see the desired results.

For the Psoriasis Sunlamp – the amount of time it takes to see results is completely depending on the level of your psoriasis. Make sure to keep in contact with your doctor while using the light so that he can monitor your results.

It may take a little time, but you will see results. We believe it is better to be patient and see gradual results, in order to avoid any type of skin irritation or redness. Make sure to read the full instruction manual before you begin using any sun lamp so that you can use the light safe and effectively. And always wear your Protective Eyewear!