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Who Can Use a Sunlamp

Even though a Sunlamp emits UV rays similar to the sun, that doesn’t mean that everyone should use them. In order to make sure that no one experiences any type of reaction or irritation to the skin, we must be cautious with who uses these lamps.

Age Limit – Per the FDA, it is not recommended to have any one under the age of 18 use a Sperti Sunlamp. Children and teens tend to have more sensitive skin and can burn very easily. Any harm caused at a young age may not show up until later in life. We may not think that sunburns are that big of a deal, but studies have shown that bad sunburns as a child could be an indicator that you have a higher risk of skin cancer as an adult. While the Sperti Sunlamps are perfectly safe for adult use, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your child’s health.

Skin Tone – Type I skin tone is characterized as: Pale White – Always burns, never tans. For someone that is Skin Type I, you are more at risk for having a reaction to the close distance UV exposure that comes with a Sunlamp. When using a UV emitting product, you need to make sure that your skin is not going to turn red or irritated which is why it is better to just not use the product is this is a likely response for your skin.

With all of the Sperti Sunlamps, we make sure that all of the proper testing and precautions are taken in order to guarantee your safety. It is important to follow the instructions that come with the lamp and ALWAYS wear your protective eyewear when using your Sunlamp.