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What Happens When a Product Not Currently Available?

It is not very often that one of the Sperti Sunlamps are out of stock. However, every once in a while we encounter some unavoidable circumstances that delay the manufacturing of these lamps. If a product says that it is ‘Out of Stock’ this just means that there was a delay with the manufacturing process and we will have more available as soon as possible.

If a product is listed as ‘Back Ordered’, this means that we will have them in stock very shortly. Since we know exactly when the lamp will be available, we give you the option to purchase it right away so that we can ship it as soon as they arrive at our facility. Keep in mind that we do not have the ability to hold a payment on your credit card or via PayPal. If you decide to purchase a product while it is on back order, your payment method will be charged when you place your order.

When a product is listed as In Stock, this means that you can place your order at any time and it will ship out within 1 business day!

If you ever have any questions about ordering a product or when your order will ship, please contact our customer service office at: 800-544-3757