The History of Sperti Sunlamps

Dr. George Sperti has an entry in Wikipedia, below is an excerpt:

“Sperti graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1923. Shortly afterwards he was named Director of the Research Laboratory. His invention of an Ultraviolet “Vitamin D” lamp to irradiate milk to add Vitamin D without changing the flavor was sold to General Foods for US $300,000. Sperti donated the entire amount to the University to continue basic research, and went on to develop a successful business line of ultraviolet sunlamps.” – To view his full Wikipedia article click here.

SPERTI SUNLAMP was founded by Dr. George Sperti. Dr. Sperti was the recipient of numerous degrees and awards for his work in the advancement of ultraviolet science. As a result of this work, he founded SPERTI SUNLAMP to manufacture ultraviolet bulbs and appliances for the general public.

1923: Sperti graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Cincinnati. Immediately his talents and intellect were well respected and he began conducting scientific research and trying to create inventions while still a student.

1933: SPERTI SUNLAMPS were first manufactured at 424 E. Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. These lamps were screw-in bulbs consisting of a tungsten filament and small mercury arc. They were approximately 100 watts and were primarily used as reading lamps. They did not produce a tan, but were intended to provide the user with full spectrum, healthful radiation for everyday chores.

1937: Full spectrum bulbs were discontinued and replaced with lamps intended to produce a tan. This product was called a medium pressure arc lamp. During this era, the sunlamp company was called Science Laboratories, Inc. At this point, Dr. Sperti’s research pioneered developmental data supporting Vitamin D production in human skin when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

1939: The name of the company was changed to Sperti Products.

1940: The lamp-making business outgrew the facilities on Fourth Street and relocated to larger quarters. The sunlamp was changed to what is called a high-pressure mercury arc lamp. This type of product became Dr. Sperti’s primary product.

1942: The name of the company was changed to SPERTI, INC. During the war years, SPERTI, INC. manufactured various instruments for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force (bomb sites, mercury switches, distance sites and gauges). The only tanning lamps manufactured during the war were for military purposes.

1949: SPERTI, INC purchased Faraday, Inc. (Adrian, MI), a small manufacturing company. The ultraviolet tubes were made in Cincinnati and shipped to Adrian, MI for final appliance assembly. The name of the company became SPERTI-FARADAY.

1950: SPERTI-FARADAY purchased Cooper Hewitt Electric Co., Hoboken, NJ.

1954: Sunlamp tube production was moved from Cincinnati to Cooper Hewitt in Hoboken, NJ. The appliance was made in Adrian, MI until 1958, when all production was centralized in Hoboken. The Adrian, MI business location was sold.

1963: All production was moved to Northern Kentucky, where SPERTI products continue to be manufactured.

1991: SPERTI SUNLAMP was purchased by KBD, INC., a Kentucky held corporation. KBD is a successful manufacturing company with abundant capital resources and management experience. KBD owners, Kathy and Jim Shepherd, continue to improve SPERTI ultraviolet products for marketing in the health and beauty markets.

2004: KBD, Inc. purchased a larger manufacturing facility allowing additional space required for continued growth of product lines.

2006: KBD, Inc., manufacturers of SPERTI products, reintroduced to the marketplace the D/UV appliance designed for the production of Vitamin D in the human body. KBD expanded the product line to include appliances for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.).

2010: KBD/SPERTI introduced fluorescent technology to our family of Vitamin D products, and added multi-voltage capabilities (110V-220V) to our UV lamps allowing world-wide marketing and sales.

2011: KBD/SPERTI introduced the new Fiji Sun Table Top Fluorescent Sunlamp. This unit provides increased area of coverage, cooler operating temperatures and immediate restart capability. With the multi-voltage capabilities (110V-220V) the FIJI SUN is attractive to individuals around the world.

2012: KBD/SPERTI continued the progression of fluorescent technology into its Phototherapy products. The PH-36F (Psoriasis unit) not only contains fluorescent technology, it includes longer bulb life, cooler operation, lighter weight and multi-voltage usage. The spectral output has not been altered and continues to offer affordable home treatment for Psoriasis.

2013 – 2017: Vitamin D deficiency and the many benefits of healthy Vitamin D levels continue to become a popular and trending health subject in the USA and worldwide during these years. This Vitamin D enlightenment along with some good press about our Vitamin D Lamp has made it popular worldwide. Our Vitamin D Lamp has also received the endorsement of several prestigious Doctors including internationally renowned Vitamin D expert: Dr. Michael Holick.

2017 to the present day: KBD/SPERTI continue to grow and introduce our quality sunlamp products within the US market and internationally, and we also continue our marketing expansion into the health care industry.

SPERTI currently manufactures three specialized ultraviolet sunlamps.

  • FIJI Sun Tanning Lamp
  • The Vitamin D Lamp
  • PH-36F Psoriasis Lamp

Below is some company and product information to assist in your buying decision.

We understand it can be difficult to determine the quality of construction when you can’t touch the unit with an online store, so we provide quality photos and specifications, plus we have posted video clips of each unit onto YouTube. Our YouTube videos (links listed on sunlamp product pages) allow you to get a better visual inspection of our quality sunlamps. You can find all of this product information on the individual product detail pages. Note the ‘sturdy’ weight of each sunlamp – solid construction with metal housing.

Mechanical Note: Our sunlamps have only one moving part – the timer dial, which is reliable. All three models have the same quality materials and construction. These units will last you many years. Proper storage ensures many years of reliable service. We don’t recommend bathroom storage due to the humidity.

Question: If I buy a unit, how do I know these bulbs will be available in the future? Sperti has been making sunlamps for about 70 years, and they continue to lead in the field of UV sunlamps for the home and healthcare field. All three models are very popular, so bulbs will remain in production for years. In the future when you put fresh bulbs in your unit it will be running just like a brand-new unit. What if a bulb breaks? They are easy to replace and relatively inexpensive.

What if something happens to the unit after the 1-year warranty? You can mail it back to the factory in Nevada and we will diagnose the problem, contact you with a quote, and then repair the unit at your expense if you wish. Repairs are very rare. Again, basic but quality construction and materials assure a long life.

How do I know it really works? Sperti sunlamps are truly effective. There are some inexpensive little white plastic ‘facial tanning lamps’ that are currently on the US market. The reviews of these ‘generally ineffective’ sunlamps are posted online for your review, but for those who don’t read reviews: Beware. The little plastic facial tanners in not very effective. – We can reply with facts: All three sunlamps models are powerful, professionally engineered and manufactured. The manufacturer is actually active in the science field of UV Sunlamps & Ultraviolet Light Therapy Applications – Phototherapy, so you know they are making the best UV tanning lamps and UV light therapy units on the market. (Yes, there are also some quality medical devices starting around $1800, but we’re not considering those due to the high cost.).

Also, in December 2012 the medical and scientific study of our D/UV-F Vitamin D Lamp was published, and it proves that our Vitamin D Lamp is an effective source for natural vitamin D. We have this study posted here on our site.

All three models are relatively new versions. Older models used a single glass vapor pressure bulbs, and these three are all now using the latest in UV fluorescent technology.

Secure shopping note:

When you purchase factory direct here at it ensures a safe and secure two-party (customer & factory) transaction, and that your order is completely handled by the manufacturer. Orders ship out fast, usually within 1 to 2 business days. In the rare event there are any problems with a missing or damaged shipment, as the factory direct shipper, we are able to resolve any problems with UPS or USPS quickly. Also, if your unit is ever in need of warranty or repair work in the future you’ll know that your transaction is already in our files and you may contact us directly. As you can see from our history above, Sperti Sunlamps is an American fixture in ultraviolet light technology and products that will be here to service our customers anytime we are needed.

Miscellaneous Note: There is never any animal testing with our sunlamps.

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