The Sperti Psoriasis Sunlamp uses special UVB bulbs to help treat psoriasis on the skin. Because this is an FDA approved light, it is required that we obtain a copy of a prescription from a doctor before we can ship any unit. If you are looking to purchase the Psoriasis Sunlamp, please make sure you have or will be able to get a prescription for this light. Once you have your prescription, you can either fax it to: 775-622-8060 or scan and email it to:   Once we receive it, we can get your lamp shipped right away.

Because psoriasis effects every person differently (severity, location, etc.) your doctor will need to give you specific instructions for how they want you to use the lamp. When you purchase the Psoriasis Sunlamp, it will come with an instruction sheet that gives general instructions on usage, safety, output, etc. but your doctor will let you know exactly how long to use the light, how often, how close to be to it, and where to direct the light.