Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp

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High-quality sunlamp ideal for at-home tanning.

  • 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • FDA cleared
  • Face and body tanner with salon quality results
  • 15 minute sessions
  • 7 year product warranty

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The Fiji Sun is the best facial tanning lamp available! The Fiji Sun is a high-quality sunlamp ideal for tanning at home. Effective and well-built, this facial tanning sunlamp has the size and power to be used as a sectional body tanning lamp too. It has an area of coverage that is approximately 24″ inches squared, and it has an angle adjustable stand.

Features of the Fiji Sun include:

  • Adjustable timer for 1-15 minutes of use including an auto shut off when timer is finished.
  • No assembly required. The bulbs are installed and ready-to-use immediately.
  • Powerful and effective, salon/professional quality in both construction and tanning results.
  • Safe electric ballasts.
  • 4 special UVA bulbs with a 1000 hour bulb life
  • Our unit uses safe electric ballasts (electric ballasts are a good thing, Sperti does NOT use magnetic ballasts).
  • Built for dual voltage operations from 110-240 volts. No converter is required for international use. Each Fiji Sun comes with a US cord; however, if shipping internationally, please choose the appropriate cord for your location.
  • Dimensions are 22″ x 9″ x 14″ and weighs 15 lbs.
  • Full adjustable table top stand for multiple angle options.
  • Two pairs of UV blocking eyewear included with each sunlamp.

The Sperti Fiji Sun is in conformity with performance standards for sunlamp products under 21 CFR 1040.20, and has been cleared by the FDA.

*This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer. Skin type I individuals, defined as one who “always burns easily: never tans (sensitive)” are advised not to tan or use the Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp.

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Call us toll-free at 800-544-3757 (Pacific Standard Time).

Product Warranty: We offer a full 7 year product warranty on the Fiji Sun and 1 year on the bulbs. We also offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on all purchases.

In accordance with a special order by the FDA (21 CFR Part 878, Docket No. FDA-2013-N-0461, dated May 27, 2014, (All tanning salons and/or business selling tanning equipment must post this.) The following has been added to our website: – “Contraindications: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years. This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present. Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer. Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.”

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 9 × 14 in
Power Cord

United States, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom

47 reviews for Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp

  1. C.C. from New York, NY

    I am perfectly satisfied with my new Fiji Tanning Lamp, thank you! I bought one of those tiny white plastic ones online for about $120 and it was a total piece of cra#. I was inspired to write you a positive review for your Fiji Tanner so others will not make the same $120 mistake I made on that plastic Chinese unit.

  2. Brit

    Sperti Customer Service: just had to send in my review of your Fiji Sun lamp because we are so happy with it. My roomate and I went halfzies to share the cost and we’re both very pleased with the tanning results. Say no to tan lines 😉

  3. MG from Australia

    Great service…… The girl in the office emailed me with clear instructions on how to get the lamp to work after it was transported to Australia and her follow up emails were great. Would purchase again from this company.

  4. Betzi

    This high quality sunlamp works and was packaged very well. I recently bought another tanning product from another company that was poorly packaged and one of the bulbs broke. I highly recommend the Sperti products.

  5. Connor from Massachusetts

    Simply terrific. Great product and responsive customer service when I had a question about installing the product (it turns out that the answer was simple, the light bulb had simply gotten jostled in transit but it still worked great once readjusted). I am thinking of getting a second… happy with the results so far!

  6. Kelly from Boston, MA

    I love the summer sun, and if I had a winter social event I would usually visit a tanning salon to get a little color for looks. A friend introduced me to your Fiji tanning sunlamp, I borrowed it once and then I bought my own! In the winter I just want a little color and to keep my skin looking smooth and healthy. Here is my positive review you can post for your Fiji: “A quality product, my Fiji Sun lamp is both convenient and effective, and it leaves me looking good and feeling healthy!” Thanks again Sperti!

  7. Julie M.

    The sunlamp was exactly as advertised. we are pleased with the purchase.

  8. Daniel (verified owner)

    I had a very good experience in dealing with Sperti. The products are first rate and the service was excellent. I received my lamps quickly as promised and they are very good quality items.

  9. Libby

    Just what I needed to take the place if that trip to the salon.

  10. Kenneth

    I never used any tanning device prior to the Sperti and was skeptical as to the results. Let me tell you it does work and works well. Use it as directed unlike myself who went closer to the lamp the first time and way longer than suggested time and I got an extreme sunburn. Have been using it ever since and love it to help my rosacea be almost unnoticeable.

  11. Zachary H.

    These lamps work for tanning and as a powerful medical tool when used properly. Follow the instructions! And explore the power of controllable UV light.

  12. Alison

    Great. Love the product, works as described. Yes, you do need to heed the warnings and don’t rush. Increase by a minute or so if you have no redness. Great shipping.

  13. Benny from Hong Kong

    First time purchasing this lamp , you will love it after few times when you get tanned. This machine can help you get tanned anytime , any place. Easy and simple to operate , all delivery are great and protected. Hints : first time operate this machine when you received it , you need to switch on and off 10-15 times to new start the new bulbs. After few times , it will become 1 click start. Great product!

  14. Gavin from New Zealand

    Great service. Prompt delivery. Love the Fiji sunlamp. Sturdy construction and easy to use.

  15. Brett from New Jersey

    Great item and extremely fast shipping! Would recommend!

  16. Jose G.

    Great quality! The product was everything as advertised. It exceeded my expectations.

  17. Karrie

    The strength of the bulbs is excellent and I’m expecting it to last quite a long time as five minutes every few days is plenty to achieve a natural glow. The pivoting ability is helpful as well. This unit will pay for itself rather quickly in comparison to the cost of a tanning salon as well as the convenience of being at home.

  18. Erin

    I’m so happy about this machine. Thank you. I may just buy another one. Love it!!

  19. Damon

    It is a nicely designed compact tanning lamp. It is more a facial tanner rather than a full body tanner. Full body can be done it just requires a lot more time.

  20. Ron O.

    Super product and customer service!

  21. Susan

    Fast shipping high quality tanning lamp and good customer service.

  22. MB

    I LOVE my tanning lamp and the tan that I have from using it! I can use it anytime I have a few minutes without leaving home! It’s so convenient!

  23. Robert

    It works as promised ! what more can I state, I hate buying through the mail! most of the time you get ripped off! NOT with this Company keep up the good and honest Work!

  24. Jeff

    Seems to work really well and very user friendly.

  25. Janae

    Perfect to get through winter months!

  26. Olena S.

    This tanning lamp is great. I thought I will be less tanned as at salon , but no I’m dark as I want to be on the 2nd week of using it! Love it!

  27. Mark

    Works better than expected. Very powerful lamp.

  28. Anonymous

    Product works even better than expected! I have dark Italian skin and 3 minutes did the trick! Do not go overboard on time with this – this is a legitimate full strength (and then some!) piece of tanning equipment. Seems very well made and high quality.

  29. KP

    I beleve this lamp is advertised as a facial tanning lamp, but if angled properly, and/or set on surfaces of different heights, it can reach the entire body. It arrived quickly and was perfectly packaged, with almost no waste. It was so easy to set up, I had it running in less than 10 minutes. Considering the cost of tanning sessions at a salon, this lamp will pay for itself very quickly, and I love using it in the privacy of my own home. It takes up very little room, too.

  30. Kali S.

    Works VERY well!

  31. Leann from Maryland

    I had your old model Del Sol tanning lamp for about 9 years and I upgraded to the newer Fiji Sun. I like the bigger size and better coverage, good upgrade Sperti! The best thing for me is the convenience of being able to tan at home whenever I feel like taking a little sunshine break. I’m busy, but in less than a minute I can plug in my Fiji Sun and feel sunshine on my face. I always feel much better after a relaxing sunlamp session so I decided to write & send you this nice review as my way of saying “Thank you”.

  32. Kendall

    You get what you pay for with these products.. I tried a cheaper version and sold it.. glad I made this purchase

  33. Erin P.

    I cant believe how good this works, it lives up past my expectations as a new customer. You can really get a tan at home for cheaper than having to leave your house to go to the tanning salon, on your own schedule. Would purchase again!

  34. John from Las Vegas

    The Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for the help!

  35. Vawnie J.

    Very good quality & works wonderfully. I’m very glad I chose this lamp. I did alot of shopping first. Best choice !

  36. Tom R.

    Really enjoy the product. Will use it during winter/spring months in Oregon

  37. Julie G.

    Hello, yes I think yes it is small, but tall. From the head to the feet, alas I am complete. And so sweet ,. My son, bought one and he is in college, doing oh so well. So the intrigue ,was there , really I believe nothing ,to compare on the market. Brilliant, very pleased ,. Sincerely, thankyou, Mrs Julie G

  38. Kristina B.

    I love this! I’m seeing a great tan starting with just a little over a weeks use. In the long run it’s so much cheaper than paying for a tanning salon and I can do this at home. It takes a little longer to get all of your body, but so worth it in the comfort of being home. I highly recommend this! It works!

  39. Anonymous

    Well made product. Good instructions. Easy to use.

  40. Sara

    The sun lamp facilitates focused treatment to my specific skin problem areas without overexposure to UV rays and is effective. I find it is much healthier for me & my purposes than a tanning bed.

  41. Douglas

    Fiji Sun gives wider coverage than previous models.

  42. Stacy

    Absolutely love this sun lamp! Love getting the tropical glow right from my own home!

  43. Christina

    Totally Awesome 😎

  44. Wendy M.

    Great investment!! I love it!!

  45. Christopher C.

    Great tan in no time

  46. Alex F.

    This product will give you an amazing tan – but as others have written you really need to heed the instructions and warnings!

    Look – we all have been to a tanning salon which has shaped our expectations. This product delivers the tan – but DOES NOT act like most tanning salon machines – yet it is very powerful! It does not produce heat. It does not make your skin tingle or smell or any of the typical tanning salon experiences. Most importantly- it doesn’t seem like it is doing anything at all – but it is! If you read other reviews – you will see people post that they used it for 15 minutes and it didn’t seem to do anything- so they repeated that a few times only to wake up the next day with severe burns. The instructions say to only use 3 minutes the first day – skip a day – then repeat. THIS IS THE WAY!

    If the instant gratification you want is badly burned skin – then don’t read or follow the instructions. Trust me – the unit is working and will deliver a great tan – just use it sparingly over many days and build up that great tan. You will be happy – just not instantly and not in the same manner as salon beds.

    TRUST THE PROCESS! It is worth it!

  47. Kevin W.

    The sun lamp arrived on time and very well packaged. The instructions were clear and concise and set my expectations on how often to use the lamp. I’ve only had it a week, but so far I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

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