We’d like to thank everyone who continues to participate in our collaboration with GrassrootsHealth in the world’s largest effort to combat Vitamin D deficiency. We have the first round of results from Sperti Sunlamp users who participated in the collaboration!

Most experts agree a person’s Vitamin D serum level should be at least 40 ng/ml. Only 7% of the American population is estimated to have sufficient levels of Vitamin D.

Only 47% of GrassrootsHealth participants that don’t use a Sperti Sunlamp have a serum level of 40 or higher.

80% of all Sperti Sunlamp users who registered with GrassrootsHealth have normal or better levels of Vitamin D!

If you’re interested in testing your Vitamin D levels and participating in a collaboration that provides researchers with valuable information about Vitamin D deficiency and how we can fight it globally, you can visit here.