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Nitric oxide; Why it’s Great for your Health

An image depicting colored letters reading "nitric oxide" near a stethescope

Benefits of Nitric Oxide

While people understand that sunlight is good for them and helps with the production of vitamin D many do not know the benefits of the ultraviolet A band of light produced by the sun. Nitric oxide stores in human skin can be mobilized upon UVA light irradiation. Once mobilized a decrease in blood pressure and hence a reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is recommended that everyone gets at least 30 minutes a day of direct sunlight without causing sunburn. The reality is that this is difficult if not impossible depending on your daily obligations or the region you live in. Some decide to use sun lamps to help them, in general, feel healthier to treat physical or mental illnesses.

Better Exercise

Once in the blood nitric oxide can boost your exercise regime performance. It is involved with many cell processes, widening blood vessels and helping to increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscle tissue during exercise. More oxygen stops the body from going into an anaerobic state that produces acid as a byproduct. As a person will have less acid buildup the muscles will recover quicker allowing for a leaner or larger muscle depending on workout and nutrients taken.  

Lowering Blood Pressure

Those with high blood pressure are supposed to have difficulty mobilizing nitric oxide stores within the body. Endothelium dysfunction is where insufficient nitric oxide is produced at the endothelial cells that line the inside of the cardiovascular tree. This disfunction makes the lining harden and inelastic, reducing dilation that allows fluids to transfer between cells and the bloodstream.

To make things worse this process leads to a whole host of issues including furring up of the cardiovascular system, blood clots and stroke. Ineffective fluid transitions between cells and the bloodstream can also lead to cancer cells being retained by the body. By using UVA irradiation mobilization in suffers from high blood pressure can potentially help free up nitric oxide stores and help resolve some of these downstream challenges.

Erectile Disfunction

Higher nitric oxide in the bloodstream helps with libido and allowing more oxygen to go where it is needed. This is the premise of many current treatments on the market. By using UVA to mobilize naturally stored nitric oxide you could help improve challenges in this area.


Nitric oxide is important to the body to stay alive and healthy, if it fails to get enough of it into the bloodstream a lot of health challenges may occur. For example, endothelium dysfunction is treatable during the first few weeks before major damage occurs and getting UVA shouldn’t be a major challenge to keep you healthy. To have a store of nitric oxide most get this from foods such as citrus fruits, beets, meat and leafy greens; there is an abundance of it that can boost your store levels; however, remember to use those stores.