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Maintenance Period

Whether you are using the Sperti Vitamin D Light Box or the Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp, you will eventually get into what is called a ‘maintenance period’.

For the Sperti Vitamin D Light Box: once your vitamin D levels are at the levels your doctor is pleased with, you should continue to use the light – just not as often. Instead of using the lamp for 5 minute sessions 4 times a week, you can go down to using it for about 3 minute sessions 2 times a week. This will help you keep your levels at the desired amount without them dropping again.

During this maintenance period, you will want to continue getting your vitamin D levels checked regularly to make sure that your body is maintaining the correct levels.

For the Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp: once you have achieved your perfect tan, you do not need to continue using the light at the same schedule. In order to keep your color without getting more than your desired tan, you can begin using your light for a few minutes less than you normally do and only 2-3 times a week.