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Source: EPA.Gov
The maps above demonstrate the need for Vitamin D supplementation during the Fall & Winter.

4 Ways to Keep Your Vitamin D Levels Up This Winter
Fight the winter blues, diabetes and even cancer by boosting your winter D-fenses.

# 3. Get a Vitamin D Lamp
Can't get much natural light in your life? Try artificial light. Many light therapy boxes have been shown to have a protective effect against seasonal affective disorder. However, most do not actually increase vitamin D levels, Stracks explains. Currently, the only Food and Drug Administration-approved lamp on the market to raise vitamin D levels is the Sperti. It costs $425, but that's cheaper than a cross-continental vacation and can be used every day.
. . . read the full story at US News & World Report - click here.

No to flu, yes to The Vitamin D Lamp!

A study shows that the risk of a flu epidemic occurring can also be influenced by vitamin D levels.

Winter is flu season. This is also due to the fact that viruses multiply best when humidity lies at around 50%, so in winter, heated rooms provide the perfect conditions. Flu vaccinations give some protection, however Norwegian scientists have shown that it is much more important to maintain adequate levels of vitamin D in the blood.

Their study reveals that infection rates and mortality during flu epidemics increase in line with a reduction in sun exposure and the resultant decrease in vitamin D levels. In winter, when sunlight is too weak to synthesize vitamin D, these rates can even increase 20-fold to 600-fold.

This is when moderate use of the KBD VITAMIN D/UV-F can work as an excellent preventive measure. A Norwegian and a Danish study have demonstrated that ultraviolet stimulates vitamin D production via the skin in exactly the same way as natural sunlight.

It is a proven fact that vitamin D boosts the immune system.

1) Asta Juzeniene, Li-Wei Ma, Mateusz Kwitniewski, Georgy A. Polev, Zoya Lagunova, Arne Dahlback, Johan Moan: The seasonality of pandemic and non-pandemic influenzas: the roles of solar radiation and vitamin D, International Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 14, Issue 12, December 2010, Pages e1099–e1105.

2) Johan Moan, Zoya Lagunova, Emanuela Cicarma, Lage Aksnes, Arne Dahlback, William B. Grant and Alina Carmen Porojnicu: Sunbeds as Vitamin D Sources, Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2009, 85: 1474–1479.

3) Elisabeth Thieden, Henrik L. Jørgensen, Niklas Rye Jørgensen, Peter A. Philipsen and Hans Christian Wulf: Sunbed Radiation Provokes Cutaneous Vitamin D Synthesis in Humans— A Randomized Controlled Trial, Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2008, 84: 1487–1492

Vitamin D Day
Our colleagues created a very nice website full of Vitamin D information that is useful year-round.
Click here to view the Vitamin D Day website.

Popular Vitamin D News:

65% reduction in cancer risk for all cancers in women by going from a serum level of 20 ng/ml to 40 ng/ml. Read...
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Top Nutrition Researchers Challenge Conventional Wisdom With Recommendation for More Sun Exposure. Read...
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Newsletters from Grassroots Health

March 16, 2017 - Can vitamin D help stave off dementia and Alzheimer's?
What if vitamin D, in early years, had a protective effect? We present three different studies that say just that, maybe even to the point that the earliest of all - in utero - has a protective effect for adulthood.

March 9, 2017 - March is Multiple Sclerosis Month
This newsletter is a comprehensive review of vitamin D and MS - including information and a video about Dr. Coimbra and his protocol to put MS into remission, testimonials from some of his patients and others with MS, feedback from the scientists, and other promissing research.

March 2, 2017 - It is the end of winter
This week focuses on the seasonal effects of vitamin D. We all know colds and flu are more prevalent in the winter, and here you will learn why. How does this affect your health? Now is the time to test to see what happened to your vitamin D level throughout the winter.

February 23, 2017 - Vitamin D Works!
To truly understand the research on vitamin D, it is important to look for key elements and be able to recognize shortcomings in research and media reports. Today we want to make you aware of a paper from Europe that challenged the myth that there is a U or J-shaped curve with respect to vitamin D at physiological levels.

February 16, 2017 - Top 18 Vitamin D Studies
Orthomolecular Medicine News Service has released "The Top 18 Vitamin D Vitamin D Papers in 2015-2016," three of which included authors from GrassrootsHealth. We are pleased to share with you this summary of vitamin D research for the years 2015 and 2016.

You can view all the weekly Newsletters in the Grassroots News Archives - Click here

Are you deficient in Vitamin D?

You can safely test your vitamin D blood level at home and help contribute to valuable research.
Click here to learn more!

Our friends at Grassroots Health have a Vitamin D testing kit available, and they are currently offering you the ability to participate in a national vitamin d research project. Kits are sent directly to your home, and include a finger-prick blood spot test that can be mailed back to Grassroots Health (GRH) for processing. Test kits cost $60 to $70, depending on the subscription you choose.

SAN DIEGO, CA – GrassrootsHealth
(GRH) has released a video featuring some of the world’s leading vitamin D experts answering questions about ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ and discussing the benefits of UV light. “It is hoped that this video will reduce some of the confusion about sunshine and vitamin D and help provide a balanced message to the public,” said Carole Baggerly, Executive Director of GrassrootsHealth.

There are two conflicting views on sun exposure. On the one side are dermatologists, skin cancer organizations and public health groups who have been advising the public to stay out of the midday sun, or to use sunscreen, daily, to reduce the risk of skin cancer. On the other side are vitamin D advocates, scientists and doctors who believe that sensible, non-burning sun exposure helps you achieve adequate vitamin D levels, which reduces your risk of a number of serious diseases without increasing your risk of skin cancer.

Click here to view the short version of the YouTube video.
Click here to view the FULL (recommended) video on YouTube.

Sperti is a supporter of The Vitamin D Council.

Information on the latest vitamin D news and research.

Learn more about deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and how vitamin D relates to your health.
Click here for The Vitamin D Council website. (VitaminDCouncil.org)

The Vitamin D Council introduces the Dminder, a Vitamin D Tracking Application for your mobile device.

The Dminder is an app that allows you to check your local outdoor Vitamin D potential.
Available for your iPhone or Android.

Where can I learn more? Go to: http://www.dminder.info

Michael F. Holick, Ph.D, M.D.
The Leading Authority on Vitamin D.

Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D. is Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics; Director of the General Clinical Research Unit; and Director of the Bone Health Care Clinic and the Director of the Heliotherapy, Light, and Skin Research Center at Boston University Medical Center.

Dr. Holick's popular books on Vitamin D are available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and more.

We have page dedicated to Dr. Holick within our Sperti website. - click here.

See also Dr. Holick's official website: DrHolick.com

Click here for more advanced scientific data on Vitamin D visit The National Biotechnology Center for Information

Vitamin D Wiki
"The most vitamin D information on the web!"
There is lots of data with regular updates - visit their website - click here!

Some frequently asked questions:

Will sitting next to a sunny window indoors boost your Vitamin D levels?

Answer: No, most windows block the UVB rays (shorter wave) that generate Vitamin D naturally.

Details: Common windows allow much of the UVA rays (longer wave) to pass through which makes tanning possible, but there is not Vitamin D generated.

Notes: Some modern construction is using glass that blocks all UV rays. Car windshields are made to block both UVA and UVB.

2) "Can I overdose on Vitamin D from too much sunlight or sunlamp?"

No, the natural ultraviolet light way of getting vitamin d will not do this. Overexposure can cause sunburn, but not vitamin d overdose. Our units all have automatic shut-off timers to help prevent the possibility of sunburn. And with supplements: it's rare, but you can get overdose toxicity with 'supplements' which you can read about online with a simple article search. Also, some have gastrointestinal issues with supplements.

3) How does natural Vitamin D synthesis from UVB rays work?
We have an info page with graphics to explain - click here.

4) Is getting Vitamin D from UVB rays (sunshine or Vitamin D sunlamp) different than taking a supplement pill?
“Not only does sunlight make vitamin D but also beta-endorphin, which makes you feel better,” Dr. Holick tells Newsmax Health. “There’s also nitric oxide, which can lower blood pressure, and a host of other substances that you would never get just by taking a supplement.”

Sun exposure can also help regulate circadian rhythm, lower blood pressure, ease depression, boost the immune system, and even reduce the risk of certain cancers, notes Dr. Holick, who recommends about five to ten minutes of unprotected exposure a day. - Source: NewsmaxHealth, by Gary Greenberg.

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YouTube video featuring our Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp

YouTube video featuring our Cooper Hewitt PH-36F Psoriasis Lamp


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