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SPERTI is the manufacturer of The FIJI SUN personal tanning lamp, the best home tanning lamp & facial tanner available.
See also: Technology & Sperti innovation have made reliable access to natural vitamin d possible with The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F.

Sperti Sunlamps are specialized ultraviolet sunlamps that are made with quality designs, materials, & American craftsmanship that will last for many years. We use the newest UV light technology and all of our UV bulbs are custom-made for our units.

1) The FIJI SUN Tanning Lamp is the best tanning sunlamp on the US market. The Fiji Sun Tanner is great for tanning the face, and its size & power make it good for sectional body tanning too. The Fiji Sun by Sperti is portable, powerful, angle & timer adjustable, effective, & built-to-last for years. Click here to view photos, videos, and specifications of the Fiji Sun Home Tanning Device.

2) The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F provides the special UV rays that will generate vitamin d naturally in your body. Our popular Vitamin D Lamp has been FDA tested & approved, and multiple studies have verified its effectiveness. Sperti has created an easy-to-use portable ultraviolet Vitamin D Lamp that will generate natural vitamin d within the body at your convenience. . click to read more.....

3) The Psoriasis Lamp model PH-36F. This is the only specialized sunlamp that requires a prescription, but you only need the Rx once to buy the unit, then you can do your phototherapy sessions at home instead of your dermatologist’s office.
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The Vitamin D Lamp
model D/UV-F by KBD Sperti Sunlamps
. Our factory store price: $425
Increase Vitamin D levels in your body naturally with the Vitamin D Lamp. Tested, approved, and praised for its effectiveness and ease of use. Click here to read more or place your order online.

The FIJI SUN home tanning lamp by Sperti
Effective tanning power & size. This is a portable, angle adjustable home tanning unit with great results. Factory direct price is $319. Click here to see & read more on the product detail & ordering page.

"It feels like the summer sun shining on my face. It made me smile!" – Customer Karen bought the Fiji Sun Tanner.

TANNING: Our FIJI SUN Tanning Lamp is portable, easy to use, effective and really well-built. Safety features of The Fiji Sun tanning light included an auto turn-off timer & UV protective eyewear included free. The Fiji Sun lamp is also angle adjustable for your tanning position comfort, and also for getting those hard to reach spots (under the chin, bikini lines, feet, etc.). Click here to read more about the Fiji Sun Tanning Sunlamp, view all product details, and view photos.

VITAMIN D: increase Vitamin D levels in your body naturally with our effective Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F. Get natural vitamin d at your convenience with vitamin d sessions that take five minutes or less. Scientifically proven effective, FDA tested & approved. Click here to learn more about the VITAMIN D LAMP, including product details and photos.

PSORIASIS: the PH-36F Phototherapy Psoriasis Lamp effectively treats psoriasis with special UVB rays. This PH-36F is a registered medical device so it requires a physicians prescription. Only this unit requires a prescription. Available as a table top unit, or with adjustable tripod floor stand. Click here to read more about the Psoriasis Lamp, including product details and photos.

SPERTI SUNLAMPS have been in production for over 70 years here in the USA. We manufacture the best specialty UV sunlamps available & you can order factory direct here.
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Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F
Sperti Factory Direct Price: $319.00
Sperti Factory Direct Price: $425.00
Sperti Portable Sunlamp for Tanning Lamp A special Vitamin D Sunlamp for treating vitamin d deficiency naturally.

The FIJI SUN Tanning Lamp by SPERTI allows you to tan in the privacy of your home anytime. The best facial tanning lamp, plus size and power for more coverage! This portable UV sunlamp has effective tanning power and has safety features including auto turn-off timer & protective UV eyewear.

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The VITAMIN D LAMP by KBD SPERTI. Product Description: The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F is an FDA tested & approved sunlamp for natural Vitamin D production in the body. The Vitamin D Lamp is portable, powerful, effective, and exposure is just 1 to 5 minute sessions a few times a week. Auto turn-off timer & free protective UV eyewear included for safety.

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Psoriasis Lamp, model PH-36F
Sperti Factory Direct Price: $389.00
PH-36F Psoriasis Lamp

PH-36F Psoriasis Lamp: A special UV phototherapy device for treating mild to moderate localized psoriasis. The PH-36F Psoriasis Lamp is a registered medical device so this particular unit DOES require a Physician's prescription for the initial purchase of this device. The PH-36F is ideal for home use, a portable and lightweight high UVB phototherapy device.

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