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Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F
Vitamin D Supplement Lamp

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Two (2) Pair of Protective Eyewear are Included FREE with every order.

Product Description
The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F by KBD Sperti
Our Vitamin D Lamp is the only FDA recognized ultraviolet product for Vitamin D production in the human body.

The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F provides the special UVB rays that will generate vitamin d naturally in your body. Our Vitamin D Lamp is the only FDA recognized ultraviolet product for Vitamin D production in the human body, and independent studies have verified its effectiveness. The portable Vitamin D Lamp is easy-to-use and a convenient way to get Vitamin D quickly and naturally.

The Vitamin D Lamp is ideal for individuals who may not be able to tolerate and digest Vitamin D supplements, pills, or supplemented foods. This Vitamin D Light is also popular with those who prefer the more natural way of getting Vitamin D from UV light instead of ingesting supplements. Also, you cannot overdose (toxicity) on Vitamin D generated naturally in your body from UVB rays (sunshine or sunlamp).

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The Vitamin D Lamp features include:
  • Easy to use. Just rotate the adjustable timer dial to the desired number of minutes (1 to 5) and push the 'on' button.
  • For safety, it turns off automatically when the timer dial expires.
  • No assembly required - the bulbs are installed and it is ready to use.
  • No warm-up period, you may begin exposure session immediately after turning on.
  • Our D/UV-F Vitamin D Lamp uses 4 proprietary KBD Sperti Vitamin D producing bulbs.
  • Our unit uses safe electric ballasts (electric ballasts are a good thing, Sperti does NOT use magnetic ballasts).
  • Table top unit, The Vitamin D Lamp sits on any flat surface.
  • 12 month KBD Sperti Factory Warranty on our Vitamin D Lamp unit, and 6 months on the bulbs.
  • 1000 hour bulb life average for these D/UV-F bulbs. Replacement bulbs are only $79 for a full set of four. It is easy to change/replace bulbs, we've posted a YouTube video to assist.
  • 22” (55cm) tall x 12” (30.48cm) wide x 6" (15.24cm) deep - ideal size for home or facility use.
  • 15 lbs. (6.8kg). A good carrying handle is mounted on top so it is easy to move for storage or sharing.
  • 8-foot heavy duty power cord is removable (unplugs from the unit).
  • Plugs into a regular/standard 110v USA power outlet, and it is also built with 110-220 volt operation (no converter is required). Can also be used internationally running off 220v (overseas orders will automatically receive the proper 220v cord & plug). These are European power ready too. We ship units around the world!
  • Energy efficient units. Good technology and new fluorescent UV reflector bulbs have a total electricity draw of only 2/3 (two-thirds) of 1 amp., which calculates to just pennies per session.
  • The unit is very well built with quality materials, built to last, and is made here in the USA. No animal testing.
  • Portable, well-suited for either home or facility use.
  • The Vitamin D Lamp does NOT require a prescription, it is available for sale directly to the public.
  • Safety features include an emergency on/off switch which turns the unit off instantly before the timer expires if needed. Timer with a maximum 5 minute exposure time, timed sessions from 1-5 minutes with an 'Automatic Turn-Off' feature. Two pair of protective UV eyewear are included. An emergency on/off switch which turns the unit off instantly before the timer expires, if ever needed.
  • Our D/UV-F Vitamin D Lamp is in conformance with FDA sunlamp regulations, it has been FDA tested, and our D/UV-F model is authorized to be called a Vitamin D Lamp.

Sunlamp technology has evolved and improved greatly, led in part by Sperti Sunlamps design and creation of specialized UV sunlamps. Our Vitamin D Lamp is the only FDA recognized ultraviolet product for Vitamin D production in the human body. This is a top-quality, effective, specialized ultraviolet sunlamp device. We have posted the government grant sponsored medical/science study of our D/UV-F Vitamin D Lamp here on our website. This study includes input from many sources including Dr. Michael Holick, an internationally recognized specialist in the field of Vitamin D and UV light.

We wish to emphasize the quality construction and basic operation of our Sperti sunlamps. These are expensive sunlamp appliances, but they are very well made and can be considered a small investment for years of quality service & convenience. We also remind you that the long-life bulbs are replaceable and easy to change. The only moving part is the manual timer dial so there truly is not much that can 'break-down', even with shared use by family or friends.

Factory Direct Price: $425.00

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Infographics courtesy of VitaminDday.net

Common Question: Is getting Vitamin D from UVB (sunshine or Vitamin D sunlamp) different than taking a supplement pill?
* “Not only does sunlight make vitamin D but also beta-endorphin, which makes you feel better,” Dr. Holick tells Newsmax Health. “There’s also nitric oxide, which can lower blood pressure, and a host of other substances that you would never get just by taking a supplement.”

Sun exposure can also help regulate circadian rhythm, lower blood pressure, ease depression, boost the immune system, and even reduce the risk of certain cancers, notes Dr. Holick, who recommends about five to ten minutes of unprotected exposure a day. - *Source: NewsmaxHealth, by Gary Greenberg.

How does natural Vitamin D synthesis from UVB rays occur?
- click here to learn more.

Note: a UV lamp and a S.A.D. Lamp (Seasonal Affective Disorder lamp) are very different products.
A "S.A.D. Lamp" (Light therapy box, bright light box, SAD light, etc.) is a broad spectrum bright light box/lamp that does NOT emit UV rays that will generate Vitamin D in the body. A SAD Lamp emits no UV rays, and it is UV rays (UVB rays in particular) which generate Vitamin D in the body. - It can be confusing since many people who have S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) also have Vitamin D deficiency, the cause of both being a lack of bright sunshine. We are posting this because some unscrupulous online stores appear to be incorrectly advertising Bright Light Boxes or SAD Lamps as devices that will generate Vitamin D, and as a treatment for Vitamin D deficiency.

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Get vitamin D naturally from the UVB rays of The Vitamin D Lamp.
How to use The Vitamin D Lamp, a special sunlamp for getting more vitamin D naturally.

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  11 of 12 people found the following review helpful:
My new health & fitness device. January 11, 2017
Reviewer: Erica from Seattle  
When I moved from California up to Washington the change in sunshine was obvious to my body.  I'm a health and fitness fanatic and I knew I needed to supplement my vitamin D due to this move.  I avoid processed foods and artificial stuff, I want natural and healthy! My research on the web eventually led me to your UVB sunlamp product and I am very happy I found you.  Your Vitamin D Lamp is now an essential tool in my health & fitness routine. Thank you!!

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  14 of 14 people found the following review helpful:
I am no longer Vitamin D deficient! November 21, 2016
Reviewer: Tim R. from Pennsylvania  
Here's the online review for my new Vitamin D Lamp. Thanks again. --
I was confident it would work because I did my homework. Sunshine, uv rays, and Vitamin D, simple science. I prefer to get my Vitamin D naturally from the sun, and now I can also get it from your Vitamin D Lamp when I can't get outside. Even though I was feeling great, I did indeed go back and have my Vitamin D levels tested again and I am back in the healthy zone.  Tim in PA.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
When its too hot outside! June 13, 2016
Reviewer: Daniel from Phoenix  
On sunny days I assist my elderly Mom out onto the back patio deck for some healthy sunshine time. We bought your Vitamin D Lamp last fall to get through the winter months but are still making use of it in June! On days when its too hot and uncomfortably outside for my Mom she can stay indoors and still get the benefits of outdoor sunshine time from your sunlamp. I gave you a 5 star review. Thank you.

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  6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Big Sincere Thank You! Your Vitamin D Lamp January 21, 2016
Reviewer: Yvette from British Columbia, Canada  
Your Vitamin D Lamp is the real deal. I did all my research and even read much of Dr. Holick's Vitamin D research. One of my best purchases I've made for my health. Best Regards to you all.

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
This scientist recommends investing in your health March 27, 2015
Reviewer: H. Johnson, Ph.D. from Florence, AL United States  
At age 40, after working indoors for 25 years, I accidentally discovered at a health fair that I was vitamin D deficient to the point that I had osteoporosis. I have a petite athletic build, exercise, calcium is fine. 50,000 toxic units of vitamin D didn't return my levels to normal, but this lamp did! I've had it for over a year. No household should be without one (unless you live on the equator) - it is well worth the $. Vitamin D levels are now normal the natural way since I've had it. I've never been into tanning - this lamp doesn't do that. I have a doctorate degree in science & find the medical research on this lamp impressive & compelling.  I don't feel like this lamp will be a significant factor for skin cancer or wrinkles, assuming it is used as directed. This lamp is very sturdy - my large clumsy dogs have knocked it over several times and it works perfectly. I plan to build a nook in my new house especially for it, since I will be using it for the rest of my healthier life.

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